Access Videos and Webcams on the Chattahoochee River Rapids in Columbus, Georgia Below....

LIVE VIDEO - Whitewater Rapids

VSA Security Systems is excited to have a part in Columbus' Whitewater Project. The Chattahoochee River has been made into the world's longest urban whitewater rush. Be a part of the excitement by checking our live camera perched high upon The Eagle and Phenix Condos with a bird's eye view of the activity on the Chattahoochee.
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VIDEO 1 - Chattahoochee River Whitewater Camera at
14th Street Bridge via USGS

March 2012 is when the first Urban Whitewater Rapids in America came to life.

You can Control the USGS Camera Below

Live webcam video at Chattahoochee River at 14th St, at Columbus (02341460) +
We have installed a webcam at the Chattahoochee River at 14th St, at Columbus to allow you to view, in real time, the current river-stage conditions. NOTE: The time stamp at the bottom of the webcam pictures are in Eastern Standard Time, so during Daylight Savings Time months you should add 1 hour to the time you see.

You can take temporary control of the camera by clicking "Control Now" in the bottom right. The slider bar at the top controls the pan and the left-side slider bar controls the tilt. The zoom is controlled by the "Tele" slider on the far right. You can use the 3 buttons at the bottom right to (1) take a snapshot, (2) view fullscreen, and (3) get information.

During periods of flooding, the South Atlantic Water Science Center - Georgia will take control of the camera.


Camera is sponsored by the Columbus Water Works and the Chattahoochee RiverWarden.

Columbus Water Works and Chattahoochee RiverWarden

VIDEO 2 - 1st Dam Breach in Columbus, Georgia
March 21, 2012 on the Chattahoochee River

With Years in the planning stages, the dream to have classs 4 whitewater rafting in Columbus, comes to life.

VIDEO 3 - 2nd Dam Breach in Columbus, Georgia
March 25, 2012 on the Chattahoochee River

Life paused for a few minutes while everyone watched as
this permanent structure gave way to whitewater rafting in Columbus.

VIDEO 4 – Urban Whitewater

The course has been described to be “Wild as Colorado and as Warm as Costa Rica.” USA Today picked the Chattahoochee Whitewater Park as one of the Top 12 man-made Adventures in the World!